BitConnect 1st Loan Journey to $150 a day smart passive income

What are you saying!  Welcome back to West Indies Crypto, quick update, finally got my money from the Gemini Exchange and I can show my transactions real quick.  So I initially bought at 3750, by the time it was all said and done it was worth between these two transactions $567 then I sold some off for 60 bucks, after fees it was 5985 and I transferred the 5985 to my check-in account and then I withdrew the 500 and I think it was four dollars to BitConnect, came over here, got on the exchange.  I was being impatient so I actually paid more than it was worth at the time so I actually bought a bunch from this order here because he was selling the most.


So as you can see today I bought 3.8 BCC and that should equal around 500 bucks, so now I am going to do my first lending/investment.  So let’s see I should do 500 – it has to be multiples of 10 anyhow.


Okay so basically we had to re-strategize I guess you should say, stuff came up, you know a lot of my family members are affected by the hurricane so I just needed to have more money liquid and available so instead of doing a 10-10 I am doing a 500 but I really need to do this so I can get the ball rolling because like I said this is going to replace my current salary so that was done.


Okay see total investment 500, active 500, not yet released.  Yeah so we have over here 500 with a capital release in 299 days we’re going to make 1450 based on the 30-day rate of interest, 1315 based on the six months rate of interest and again this is the average rate right so 0.88 but as you can see here, they’ve had days where they’re well over 1% interest, so I look forward to seeing how this turns out.  I actually mapped it all out so as far as our 150 dollars a day goal we’re actually going to still make it, so let’s see the first day we hit 150 it is supposed to be 260th day so that’s still ahead of schedule and at this point I expect to already resign because my yearly income is $54,000 which is like 20,000 more so definitely looking forward to that.


I am looking at this date range for a possible resignation day so I would have to put my two-week notice in prior to this so it’s just a matter of when this time comes, I will reevaluate everything but I should have multiple investments going so this should be pretty accurate and if you want a copy of this spreadsheet just let me know, email me at [email protected] katmassive[at]westindiescrypto[dot]com or if you go to which is also in the description, sign-up for the newsletter, leave a comment, I will be sending everyone on the newsletter a copy of the spreadsheet.


That’s pretty much all I wanted to cover for today.  Thank you for watching, don’t forget to Like, Subscribe, and Share and I would love to hear your opinions down in the comments.  Until next time, peace.