BitConnect Journey to $150 day in Crypto Income Is it Possible

What are you saying!  Welcome back to West Indies Crypto, it’s your Germaine.  Today I am going to cover whether or not a 150 dollars a day of passive income is actually a realistic goal before New Year’s Eve 2018.  Stay tuned…..


So I’m gonna go ahead and pull up the spreadsheet – I have to record this video again so just going to reset the values – so for the purpose of this video and for the demonstration I am actually going to use January 1st as our start date and as you can see if we scroll down at 30 days we are making $12 a day, at 90 days $21 a day, 120 days $28 a day.  Now let’s get down to the day we get our money back.  We’re going to have a total active investment of 8920 dollars.  So on this day, we will be getting that 10-10 back and just to point out at this point basically what it’s saying is if we did not invest any more money at this point and we just kept the active total investment at this number, this is the income for one year.


So as we go down some more, as we can see our first day where we make a $150 a day in daily interest is the 307th day and this is basically reinvesting.  Either way we’re definitely on target to make 150 dollars a day before New Year’s and if we go down to a year we should have 28,000 active making 250 a day okay and again that was the goal right, so before New Year’s Eve 250 to 260 in interest for that day and if we just kept total active at 27,800 our yearly income will be 91,000.


I don’t know about you but 91,000 is a great improvement overall on my current salary but basically, that’s all I really wanted to cover in this video.  It is a realistic goal and I hope you continue to come with me on this journey to a $150 a day.


Thanks for watching.