Happy New Year!

I thought I covered everything in yesterday’s video.

End of Year Update. 2018 forecast Video Watch Here:

This morning I woke up blessed to be in 2018. I’m so excited about what can happen for me this year. I was thrown off guard by videos of BitconnectX a new ICO by the OG of them all Bitconnect.

I had my doubts someone’s trying to make money of their name. However bitconnect did also send out an email to everyone. There aren’t much details right now but stay tuned.

BitconnectX ICO starts in a 8 days.

If you haven’t already taken the Future Money cryptoassest 101 certification course here: https://www.westindiescrypto.com/passive-income/bitconnect/lead

I would get in that so you can have a good understanding of everything you will need going forward to make 2018 the highest earning year if your life thus far.

My strategy at this point is to transfer all USD to BCC on the platform and hold for the ICO.

Thank you for your time.

Happy New Year Again,